Senior Clinical Cytogeneticist
HealthPlus Network of Specialty Center


Sara El Bisari established and ran the HealthPlus Genetics lab, providing services of PGT-A, classic Cytogenetics, and molecular Cytogenetics.  She has helped establish the reporting guidelines for PGT-A used in a laboratory in the US.

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, she set-up and ran the Cytogenetics department of Al Ain Fertility Center, where she was also a member of the Reprogenetics ME preimplantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD/S) team performing comprehensive chromosome  screening. The Cytogenetics department obtained ISO 15189 under her supervision. Before moving to the UAE, she was a cytogeneticist at Bioiatriki Diagnostic Center and part of the Cytogenetics-Molecular Cytogenetics team of Alfa-Lab Medical Institute of Research and Diagnosis in Athens.

She helped set up the PGD using FISH at Alfa Lab, trained embryologists on blastomere spreading techniques, and collaborated with over 17 IVF centers in Greece and Cyprus.

She started out her career as a cytogeneticist in the Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics Laboratories at MITERA Maternity Hospital, Athens.

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