Prof. Hilary Whyte, Faculty member of the Division of Neonatology for 30 years, cross-appointed to the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Paediatric Emergency Medicine at SickKids, with staff privileges at both Mount Sinai and Sunnybrook Hospitals.

Dr. Whyte has been the Medical Director of the SickKids Acute Care Transport Services (ACTS) Team for the last 20 years.  ACTS is responsible for the retrieval of all sick newborns and children under 13 years of age in our region of the Province of Ontario. Dr. Whyte has spearheaded a standardized model for transport competencies, processes, and equipment to enhance patient safety in inter-facility transport across Canada.

As Medical Director of SickKids International and also responsible for outreach programs, she is very interested in creative and innovative ways to educate and maintain the competencies of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals involved in the transport service, neonatal intensive care and follow up programs.

Her research focus is in the area of transport medicine and neuro-critical care, as she historically provided leadership to the Follow-up program for high-risk infants and has pursued outcomes research on the most vulnerable populations.